Metropolitan and trendy, SQUARE is the new collection from CERCOM inspired by Milan Stone – a material with which the history of a noble city was written, through its buildings, squares and streets, and today it interprets a dynamic, modern and cosmopolitan style.

As well as a very essential and concrete elegance, typical of the urban spirit, what characterizes this collection is above all the format: the square is the central theme of SQUARE, which comes in a variety of sizes and colours to emphasize its regular geometrical shape, making this the hallmark of its style. There are four colour variants, Grey, Ivory, Black and White, and four sizes, from 30×30 to 100×100 cm, offering natural, textured and glossy surface finishes, giving a strong personality to the collection.

Ceramic material, created with cutting-edge technologies, combines top-level technical features with aesthetic qualities, to become an ideal product for residential and public projects. The SQUARE collection has been produced to meet the needs of today’s architecture for tiling floors in either modern or traditional surroundings. It is also available in the outdoor version, both in 10 mm thickness and in the exclusive 19 mm version.

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