The intense, deep colour of Lavagna recalls the timeless elegance of slate roofing, designing completely new urban spaces and prestige projects.
Piacentina stone is characterised by its unmistakable burnished grey colour, shot through by white streaks for an elegant and yet always welcoming effect.
Pietra Blu’s sophisticated grey with flakes of white recalls Northern European architecture and is ideal for both modern and vintage settings.
The highly expressive, energetic surface of Multicolor Selected recalls slate’s innate ability to split into slabs with delicately contrasting chromatic variations.
The subtly nuanced colouring of each Multicolor panel is exotic and evocative, the ideal solution for transgressive, contemporar y interior design.
The exclusive ivory tonality of Brera creates sober, linear spaces, animated by the subtle texture of natural stone with its almost imperceptible graphic design.