9 Aprile 2018

Cercom at Fuorisalone 2018

Cercom will attend the Fuorisalone 2018, in Milan from April 17 to 22, as part of an original exploration of the world of ceramics through the double exhibition project CERAMIC UNIVERSE, curated by the artist Nero/Alessandro Neretti. Cercom porcelain stoneware will be part of the MOTHER NATURE installation, in via Solferino 14: conceived by designers Francesca Po, Ester Sirito and Giacomo Bassamaji it is a dense and light geometric pattern where the graphic marks of the artist Nero/Alessandro Neretti burst forth, deflagrating the rigorous materiality of the structure.

With MOTHER NATURE the collaboration between the Romani Group and the Fashion Research Italy foundation continues: the three designers attended the advanced professional training course in Architecture for fashion directed by Ing. Alessandro Cecchini, promoted by FRI with the support of Gruppo Romani.
The art project PLANET EARTH, will be on display at CASABELLA laboratory in via Marco Polo 13 with large bas-reliefs and monumental sculptures made of porcelain stoneware and a miscellany of various kinds of materials.

Nero/Alessandro Neretti, invited to reinterpret the materials of the brands of Gruppo Romani, envisioned the space as one of his contemporary art projects based on the creation of site-specific works, the result of careful research. For information on locations and opening hours and for the program of organized events, please consult the dedicated landing page.